I once heard the story of a company which creates the software which enables popup ads.

When asked about their purpose, most people on the team sunk into their chairs. There was a sense of embarrassment as everyone hates popup ads.

One person spoke up and said, “we keep the internet free.”

When it came to speaking about their purpose, it seems the leadership was talking to the minds and wallets of people. We’re going to build popup ad technology so we and others can make money.

While both those statements are true, the people will not be fully committed unless you also speak to their hearts as well: “To keep the internet free.” I would take it a little deeper with something like: “Through keeping the internet free, we make it possible for all people to be connected.”

If you want to create the conditions so the people you lead, you will be fully committed, speak to their mind, wallet, and heart.

If they know why they’re there, they will move mountains.

You’ve got this.

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